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About Us

About Sidecuts®.com

Sidecuts®.com is the online store for Brown Metals Company. We provide small, high quality coils "as is" and sheets in stainless steel, steel, and other miscellaneous metals. The online store exists to provide an alternative method for our customers to obtain small quantity, high quality materials quickly. All orders are processed at Brown Metals Company in accordance with Brown Metals Company's Quality Management System procedures. For larger inquiries, items that require slitting or edge conditioning, or items that require custom sizes or tolerances, please contact Brown Metals Company directly.


Visit our HELP PAGE if you are having difficulty placing an order on Sidecuts®.com.

Coils sold on Sidecuts®.com are non precision (± 1/8" width tolerance) remnants. Sidecuts® are "drops" generated from prime stock during everyday processing activities at Brown Metals Company. They are ideal for small jobs that may include: prototypes, cutting, stamping, welding, forming, and machining applications. If your application requires precision widths, specific camber or width tolerances, or any other special requirements, please contact Brown Metals Company directly. All coils sold on Sidecuts®.com are sold in the "as is" condition.

Sheets sold on Sidecuts®.com are generated from prime stock. Width and length tolerances for cut sheets are ± 1/8". Custom sizes or tolerances are not available on Sidecuts®.com. If your application requires tighter tolerances or custom sizes, please contact Brown Metals Company directly. All sheets sold on Sidecuts®.com are sold in the "as is" condition.

Shipping Policy
Sidecuts®.com currently ships to locations within the United States and Canada within 1-2 Business Days. All items are shipped from Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730. Our complete Shipping Policy including lead times and shipping service options can be viewed by clicking here. For international orders other than Canada, please contact Brown Metals Company directly.

Tracking Your Order
Sidecuts®.com will email a tracking number to the email address provided once the order ships. Order Status, Tracking Numbers, and Order Confirmations may also be obtained by logging into My Account.

Material Availability
All items listed on Sidecuts®.com are in stock. We make every effort to ensure the website is up-to-date and accurate. However, the inventory changes regularly as orders are processed by Brown Metals Company. On occasion, we do use an item that's listed on Sidecuts®.com before it can be updated on the web site. If an item you've purchased is not available, someone from Sidecuts®.com / Brown® Metals Company® will contact you promptly to discuss other options. In most instances, we're able to provide an alternative size that works for our customers.

Coil Pricing - Updated 04/17/2024
Coil pricing is based on the net weight of the coil as listed in the table below. Sheet pricing varies depending on several dimensional variables. Please see each detail page for specifics about the sheet item you're interested in.

Coil Thickness
Coil Weight
Coil Price
.004" & up
1 - 8 pounds
.004" & up
8.01 - 15 pounds
.004" & up
15.01 - 25 pounds
1 - 25 pounds
1-17.99 pounds
18.00 - 25 pounds

Placing an Order on Sidecuts®.com
If you're not sure how to place an order on Sidecuts®.com, please view or download the Sidecuts®.com How to Place an Order guide. It's provided in PDF format and can be viewed on screen or printed using free Adobe Reader software.

Sidecuts®.com accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Unfortunately, we do not currently offer account based terms for Sidecuts®.com orders.

Purchase Orders
If you would like to use a reference Purchase Order Number, you may enter it in the "Purchase Order Number " text box during checkout. Any notes entered into this text box will appear on the® Invoice/Packing List you receive with your shipment.

How to Obtain an Invoice
There are several options for obtaining an Invoice for your order:

  1. Use the Order Confirmation that was emailed to you when the order was placed or when the order was shipped.
  2. Use the "hard copy" Invoice/Packing List document that will accompany each shipment.
  3. Login to My Account > Your Order History > Click on Order Number > Click on Print This Page

Repeat Orders
If you've purchased an item in the past, but can not find the item on Sidecuts®.com on your return visit, please contact Brown® Metals Company® directly.

Certificates of Test & Conformance
Copies of Original Mill Test Reports are provided at no cost for each item ordered. Customized Certificates of Conformance / Test from Brown Metals Company are also available at an additional cost. The advantages of each offering are listed below.

Brown Metals Company Certificates of Conformance / Test provide the following:

  • Ability for customization including:
    • Actual width ordered
    • Actual weight ordered
    • Actual customer Purchase Order Number if applicable
    • Customer Part Number if applicable
  • Material identification including alloy, temper & thickness
  • Actual chemical and mechanical properties
  • AMS & ASTM specifications with the most up-to-date revisions
  • Melt source and country of origin on most items
  • Dual certification of alloys when applicable (Example: Certify material to meet both 302 & 304 alloy)
  • Provides the most complete traceability for Aerospace, Military, Automotive, Medical & Government applications
  • View a sample of the BMC C of C / Test Report

Mill Test Reports provide the following:

Certificates of Test are emailed to the email address provided once the order is shipped.

Country of Origin & Hazardous Substances Compliance (DFARS/RoHS/REACH/SDS)
All items sold on Sidecuts®.com meet domestic and international compliance requirements unless specifically noted in the Quality Notes section of the product offering. . Compliance documents addressing DFARS, REACH, RoHS,Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) and more are available for download in PDF format. Documents supporting compliance can be found at

Quality/Supplier Surveys
Sidecuts®.com is a self service web store taking advantage of automation so that items can be offered at a great value. To keep prices as low as possible, we do not complete Quality/Supplier Surveys. However, we do offer a Quality Survey Response letter on our compliance page located at Our Quality Survey Response letter provides answers to the most commonly asked questions on Quality/Supplier Surveys.

Return Policy
All items are sold in the "as is" condition. Any discrepancies with your order must be reported to Sidecuts®.com within the first 10 days after receiving your order. Return requests may be made by contacting Brown® Metals Company® directly. Authorization MUST be granted prior to acceptance of any returns. Restocking fees of up to 30% may apply. Freight charges are not refundable.

Taxable Items
All orders shipping to addresses within California will be charged sales tax using the SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY tax rate. If you have a California Resale number, and your order should not be taxable, please enter your resale number in the California Resale Number text box during checkout. Sales Tax will be refunded for those providing a resale number. Your account will then be flagged as "Tax Free" so that Sales Tax will not be charged on future orders.

NOTE: If you have multiple accounts (several registered users using different email addresses) from your company, each account will need to be flagged as Tax Free to prevent tax from being charged.

IRS Form W-9
If you require IRS Form W-9 to make a purchase from Brown® Metals Company® via our Sidecuts®.com online store, you may obtain that form by clicking here.

Transactions on the Sidecuts®.com website are transmitted using Secure Socket Layers (SSL) 256-bit encryption technology. This helps protect your personal and credit card information from misuse. Click the VERIFY seal below to view our secure site validation.

Inventory Update
Sidecuts®.com may be unavailable at times so that inventory items can be updated. This process does not normally exceed 30 minutes in duration.

Sidecuts® and® are registered trademarks of Brown® Metals Company®. 17-7PH® is a registered trademark of Cleveland Cliffs Steel Corporation. AL 29-4C® and E-Brite® are registered trademarks of ATI. Berylco® is a registered trademark of NGK Metals.

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